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Process Analyzer Systems Integration


Wellas’s state-of-the-art performance mainly owes to our excellent engineers who are well equipped with adequate educational background and long experience in the analyzer industry. Opportunities for proper training program has been given by major analyzer manufacturers, which helps our engineers serve customers with updated knowledge and engineers who now heads Designing and Engineering Dept. has more than 25 years of experience as an analyzer system expert. He participated in a number of training program arranged by leading analyzer manufacturers, and has accumulated wide field knowledge from his long experience as a service engineer. Other engineers in Designing and Engineering dept. and Customer Service and Development dept. also have excellent educational background, proper knowledge and good communication skills to provide customers best service.

Wellas meet these rigorous requirements we offer support from simple application advice through application feasibility studies to detailed product specifications to help enhance a process and its profitability by using the most effective gas and liquid measurement through enhanced total solution. Designing proper gas or liquid analyzer system involves reflecting various geographical and industrial factors, and sometimes the appropriate knowledge can only be ‘earned’ from field experience.
Wellas’s wide range of reference from various geographical conditions guarantees customers with perfectly complying applications.

Safety Guard System

Wellas Safety Guard System provide userfriendliness.
Easily viewable Safety and Equipment status by pilot lamps or touch screen(Ex p type only), additional I/O point spare for the future and Design a program
logic able to edit easily. Moreover the sufficiently provide commissioning and
Protect your safety with Wellas safety guard system from the hazardous atmosphere


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